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Benefits of a Braemar Building

Pre-engineered buildings offer a number of advantages over older conventional building materials. In most cases, a properly specified and quality manufactured steel framed metal building will yield a more attractive building that is both environmentally friendly and at a surprisingly lower cost per square foot than other types of building construction. How is this possible?

Faster Construction

An immediate savings comes from the shorter construction time required to build the building. A metal building can be manufactured and delivered to a job site quickly.

Once there, the labor hours required to complete the building are much less than traditional construction.

On average, metal and steel frame buildings save between 30 and 50 percent of the construction time compared to conventional buildings. Less hours means less labor costs and an instant savings for you, right from the start.

Lower Energy Costs

A properly insulated metal building can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs. Uniform and consistent structural framing provides a great deal of flexibility in both the amount and type of insulation used in the building.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The long life, factory applied finishes on Braemar's buildings translates to reducing both short and long term maintenance costs. And, any issues of insect damage, rot or structural deterioration due to aging are practically eliminated when comparing metal buildings to other conventional building types.

Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance companies love steel frame buildings! The fact that the buildings themselves are non-flammable can mean a substantial discount in insurance costs. When properly designed and constructed, metal buildings are much safer than other conventional building structures and have a proven track record of being extremely resistant to the forces of nature including wind, rain, snow, seismic activity and fire.

Attractive Appearance

Long gone are the days of blah metal utility buildings. Braemar prides itself in designing buildings that are both attractive and, at the same time, more economical. Our philosophy is that one should not preclude the other.

To start, the walls and roof of every building arrive from our factory pre-finished with your choice from a large variety of complimentary colors and finishes for the building's roof, walls and trim. Our large selection of colors means your building can easily compliment the surrounding environment as well as other structures. Even more, our buildings can be enhanced with glass walls, stucco, brick and a variety of other treatments.

With over 30 years of experience, Braemar's building specialists have a wealth of ideas and suggestions to help insure you get a building that meets your aesthetic needs at the best price.

Amazing Expandability

With success often comes the need for more space and our modular buildings are wonderfully unique in this area. Imagine being able to remove a well designed building's end wall, add an additional section to the building and then actually reuse the original endwall! What could be more economical than that?

Are Metal Buildings Really More Economical?

Yes, as long as they're done right. Doing it right means working with an experienced company that first listens to your wants and needs. The company has to have the skills and knowledge to make sure that your building is designed properly to fulfill those needs. And finally, they must make sure that your building meets or exceeds your local code requirements. Accomplishing all of these objectives assures you will enjoy and appreciate your investment for a long, long time.

All of this needs to be done before manufacturing begins. Braemar Metal Buildings has the experience and the design teams to accomplish these goals and make sure you're as happy with your building 20 or 30 years from now as you are today.

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